Weight Scale Maintenance Advice

Because large trucks that travel frequently are held to specific weight obligations, it is important that you maintain your weight scales. The weight scale that you have should be kept in prime condition, so that you can keep your truck on the road with no problems. For this reason, you're in luck. The following points will put you on the right track for excellent weight scale maintenance so that your truck is always maintaining its proper weight. Read More 

Tips for Welding Thin Sheet Metal to Thick Steel

Welding a thin material like sheet metal to thicker metal surfaces can be somewhat of a headache, especially without taking the right approach to welding sheet metal. Below, you'll learn why ordinary welding techniques for thick steel won't work for fusing thinner metals and how you can avoid damaging or destroying work pieces by using the proper techniques. Those Old Welding Tricks Just Won't Work Most welding techniques that work perfectly well for thicker metal won't work, as they focus heavily on applying a continuous bead on the work piece. Read More 

Different Cause Of Your Sewer Line Blockage

One of the biggest problems that a homeowner can face is dealing with a backed up or blocked sewer line. Sewage problems can be difficult to diagnose, but you are alerted that there is a drainage problem when your drains do not properly function. They might be slow draining and even emanate a gulping noise. The first step to correcting your sewer line is determining the cause of the blockage. Read More 

Innovations In Canadian Highway Construction

Highway construction can make traveling to and from work and other necessary destinations a real challenge. Despite the inconvenience, road construction is necessary in order to provide maintenance so that roads remain safe. Luckily there are numerous innovations being introduced in the construction industry, and these advancements can not only lessen the impact of construction on motorists, but can also minimize the frequency with which road construction is necessary. Technologically-advanced construction equipment Read More 

Paint your Plastic Water Tanks to Prevent Algae Growth

Plastic water tanks are an ideal solution for keeping potable water on-site, but algae growth may be a problem in some locations and seasons of the year. However, you can readily-control algae by painting your tank to keep out light. It takes a little preparation and priming, but it's a simple and relatively inexpensive procedure. Below are the materials and supplies needed and a step-by-step procedure to paint your water tank: Read More