An Emergency Tree Removal Process — Skilled Services Day Or Night

Inclement weather may cause a tree to topple over on your property. If a downed tree could damage your home, contact a 24-hour tree removal service provider. This type of provider will assess the situation and efficiently cut and remove the wood.

Emergency Services

A fallen tree could damage a rooftop and siding. The weight of a tree will add excessive pressure to building materials that were used to construct a home. An emergency service provider offers tree inspections and removal processes any time during the day or night.

An emergency tree removal service provider will assess the location of the tree. They will make certain that there are no hazards present that could interfere with removing the tree. For instance, if parts of the tree are touching electrical wires, a tree removal specialist will contact the utility provider first.

The removal of a tree will necessitate that there are no safety issues that could impede a tree specialist's ability to secure a tree and cut its branches. Tree work involves climbing, sawing, and grinding. All of these steps are completed consecutively during an emergency tree removal process.

The Removal Of The Wood

An emergency service is rendered when the loss of property or life is at risk. The service will involve removing the bulk of the tree. At the end of the removal process, the stump and tree remnants may remain on your property.

A service provider will transport large pieces of wood that were cut up during the tree removal process. If you would like to have the stump removed from your property, you will have the opportunity to schedule a follow-up appointment. 

Stump Removal And Grading Processes

An axe and grinding equipment will be used to remove the stump. The type of root system that the fallen tree possessed will reflect upon the complexity of the stump removal project. Tree specialists will cut deep into the root sections that are growing near the surface of the ground.

If you plan on using the land to plant another tree or another type of plant life, the removal of the root system will be necessary. When a stump is removed, there will be some disruption to the land where the fallen tree was originally growing.

After a tree specialist cuts or grinds the stump and roots, they will clean up the wood and roots. Then they will use a backfill and leveling process to grade the land where the tree was originally growing.

Reach out to a 24-hour tree removal company to learn more.