Different Cause Of Your Sewer Line Blockage

One of the biggest problems that a homeowner can face is dealing with a backed up or blocked sewer line. Sewage problems can be difficult to diagnose, but you are alerted that there is a drainage problem when your drains do not properly function. They might be slow draining and even emanate a gulping noise. The first step to correcting your sewer line is determining the cause of the blockage.

Sewage Blockages Can be Public or Private

When your drains are not functioning properly, the blockage could potentially be occurring in two different locations. This could be the main sewer line or the private line. The private sewer line is different from the main line because it spans from your home to main line. When more than one homeowner in a specific region is dealing with drainage backup, this is normally the result of an issue with the main sewer line. All problems with the main line must be corrected and analysed by the city where you live. If the blockage is in your private line, it is up to you to correct.

Object Could Have Been Flushed

In most cases, the reason for drain blockage is caused by a foreign object being flushed down the toilet. There are many objects that homeowners assume are safe to flush that are actually non-flushable. This includes tampons.

Grease Could be Blocking Sewer Lines

Another one of the main culprits of blockage within your drains is grease. Grease can be flushed down the sink in small amounts over time and slowly develop into a clog. Most of these drain blockages occur around twenty feet into your private sewer line. The reason that grease can clog in this portion of your sewer line is due to the cooling of hot water once it reaches this point.

Old Pipes Are Also the Culprit of Blockages

Over time, the pipes within your home age and can become deteriorated. This leads to rusting of the pipe, which can result in a break. This will lead to major backup within your sewer and can be a major issue. Your toilet will even begin to back up and waste will not flush effectively. Pipes will inevitably wear and can break. This means that you need to have your pipes analysed regularly and have them replaced once they start showing signs of wear.

There are different types of drain blockage that you need to be on the lookout for. It is always important to be proactive with sewer line maintenance and have all draining issues corrected before they worsen. If your fear that something may be wrong, get a sewer line inspection by Canessco or another contractor.