Why Vinyl Is A Great Replacement Window Material

Installing new windows in your home is a major investment. It is rather expensive, but it is still a very smart remodel. In the long run, it is actually quite cost effective because it gives you an interior and exterior remodel at the same time. However, not all windows are as cost effective and practical as other. For instance, wooden frames are stylish, but they are not as practical as vinyl frames. This article explains why vinyl window frames are so desirable.

Vinyl is Stylish

First and foremost, you should realize that vinyl is not just a cheap plastic alternative. In fact, vinyl looks much classier and stylish than plain, white plastic frames. Vinyl frames are made it a wide variety of colors and textures. Many people love vinyl frames with matter finishes. This gives the frame a warmer look, but it also helps reduce friction (making them ideal for sliding fixtures). You can find vinyl frames that have fake prints to match the texture. Most common are the faux wood textures with printed grains and knots. In the end, whether you just want standard white window frames or a more complicated design, you should be able to find the perfect match for your home.

Vinyl is Easy to Keep Up

Owners love vinyl because it requires such little maintenance. It is waterproof, so you don't need to take any extra efforts to protect it. You do not need to stain, paint or seal vinyl. In fact, vinyl is dyed and not painted. This means that you do not need to worry about paint wearing off on sliding windows. This also means it is less susceptible to fading from sun exposure. Since vinyl is waterproof, it is also very easy to clean. You can clean it with household cleaning liquids. To clean the exterior side of the windows, you can spray them down with a hose or pressure washer. Over the lifetime of your windows, you will save a lot of time and cash when it comes to keeping up vinyl windows. Of course, vinyl will also last longer than wooden and metal frames.

Vinyl is quickly becoming more popular. In turn, it is becoming more affordable and being produced in even more different styles. When you compare it to the other popular material options, it is clear to see why vinyl is such a popular option among many homeowners. Talk to a local contractor, such as at Howald Windows & Doors, to get started.