The Best Way To Make Your Pool Safer For Everyone

Pools are a lot of fun, and many Canadians have one in their backyard and many visit their local commercial pool each summer. Everyone knows there is some risk associated with going to the pool, as slippery surfaces, big bodies of water, and hard concrete or tile flooring can make for a sticky mess. Luckily, there are more new inventions coming out every year that make a pool safer for everyone, whether they are eighty years old or eight. Here are a few reasons why you should consider upgrading the surface on your commercial pool deck.

Rubber Safety Surfaces

Rubber safety surfaces are used all over the country, from playgrounds to patios, but many people do not realize that they can be a great fit for pools as well. These rubber safety surfaces offer a lot more grip, even when wet, so that slippery feet don't accidentally cause you to take a heavy fall on your behind. They also dry far quicker, do not let water pool that easily, and break up the surface tension of any water so that there is less chance of losing traction. If you have a commercial pool, then resurfacing it can save you a lot of accidental injuries on your property simply by preventing falls. 

Does Not Ruin The Aesthetics

Of course, running a commercial pool means trying to make it as appealing to guests as possible. Having ugly rubber surfaces would be a hard sell, even if they were safer. Luckily, rubber is very easily customized to whatever color or shading you want. Often people mistake rubber commercial pool decks for stone or pebbled decks that have been concreted in place. Talk to a contractor and see what your options are, chances are you will be surprised at just how wide your array of options are.

Reduce Liability

Whether you are a hotel owner that just happens to have a pool onsite or you run a dedicated pool for professional athletes, the last thing you want is a lawsuit on your hands that claims you were negligent in your duties as an owner. By introducing rubber safety surfaces, you can clearly show you did everything you could to make the environment as safe as possible, thereby reducing your liability in the event of any lawsuit. Of course, the number one reason to do this resurfacing is to protect your guests, but you also need to ensure you are financially protected as well. 

Reach out to a professional who works on commercial pool decks to discuss your options.