Innovations In Canadian Highway Construction

Highway construction can make traveling to and from work and other necessary destinations a real challenge. Despite the inconvenience, road construction is necessary in order to provide maintenance so that roads remain safe. Luckily there are numerous innovations being introduced in the construction industry, and these advancements can not only lessen the impact of construction on motorists, but can also minimize the frequency with which road construction is necessary.

Technologically-advanced construction equipment

General and paving contractors throughout Canada's provinces are using more and more technologically-advanced equipment. This high-tech equipment enables various construction projects to be completed faster and more efficiently. The quicker a contractor can complete a project, the more convenient it is for motorists. Some technologically-advanced equipment that site service contractors use are:

  • Construction lasers – Advanced tools that ensure accuracy and precision in construction and other industries.
  • Total stations – An electronic transit and distance meter that is used in construction to perform accurate surveying. Surveying can be performed from long distances using the convenience of a remote.
  • Wireless data communications – This could consist of something as common as a cell phone or as advanced  as wireless computer parts, satellite TV, and GPS systems.

"Quiet" asphalt

Unlike conventional highway construction projects, which are notorious for becoming extremely loud at times, Canada has recently introduced a specially-designed asphalt with the ability to significantly reduce the amount of noise that is present. This technologically-advanced asphalt is more appropriate for use in residential areas, although it can be used in any location where keeping noise to a minimum is necessary.

Railway advancements

Construction within the railway has had several advancements, as well. These advancements have improved the trading industry, which is important in Canada. Robot locomotives placed in strategic areas make it easier to use longer trains. Improved communication and better train operation are also included in the various advancements.

Perpetual pavements 

It is necessary to replace traditional pavements about once every 20 years. However, a new innovation called "perpetual pavements" will last significantly longer. With the ability to last up to 50 years or even longer, this high-tech pavement is possible due to massive research. Minor and infrequent repairs need to be performed about every 20 years.

Road construction innovations are constantly being introduced around the world, as well as in Canada. Due to these many advancements, motorists might be less affected by construction in the future. There will be fewer environmental hazards, quieter construction, as well as roads that are safer to travel on.

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