4 Issues A Commercial Painter Can Help With

A commercial painter can provide a number of quality services to make sure that exterior and interior surfaces of a building are painted in a professional and sustainable way. Services include painting new construction projects, and also the renovating and maintenance efforts of current buildings. A commercial painter has the knowledge and expertise needed to handle a lot of potential problems that could arise. The issues they can help with are:


Paint layers could begin to peel away due to a poor adhesive process. Typically, multiple paint coats are the cause of such an issue. In addition, an extra primer layer under the top paint coat could be the root issue. Most common, however, is the existence of excess moisture on the wall or the use of low quality paint. Commercial painting services will ensure that all surfaces are adequately prepared and then apply the appropriate paint mixtures.


When a surface is warm or wet, paint can lose adhesive qualities when it is applied. This forms bubbles, a problem called "blistering." Once blistering occurs, it is necessary to repaint the entire surface. Therefore, it is a wise investment to prevent it in the first place. Adequate surface preparation is necessary to prevent this issue, and a professional painter will know how to ventilate the area as well. 


Ugly, black spotty areas on the wall can grow more damp and remain obscured from the sunlight. If the paint doesn't have a sufficient level of fungicide, this can become a large problem. A commercial painter can remove the mildew and apply the proper treatment methods to stop its growth.

Non-Adhesion: Galvanization

Galvanization of surfaces can result in a metal area where the paint is stripping away. If rust is not removed, this becomes an even larger problem. Commercial painting professionals know how to apply the correct primer. This primer is added before the oil paint and prevents peeling in the future.

These are only a few of the many issues that could arise in commercial painting projects. You may have realized by now that this job requires a lot of knowledge, experience, preparation, and careful execution. If a professional is not brought in, walls could not only look bad, they could also smell bad and cause health issues. Commercial painters can solve these problems efficiently and prevent future worries. Even drywall applications are made easy when hiring a professional to update your space. Contact local painters, like Pro-Guard Painters, if you have questions.