New Innovations In Plumbing Repair That Every Homeowner Should Know

When it comes to the features in the home that make the space a comfortable place to live, there are few things more important than properly functioning plumbing. Even though important,homeowners rarely take a lot of time to learn about certain aspects, such as plumbing repair, because they know they can always trust a professional for help with this dirty job. This is especially the truth when it comes to sewer cleaning and septic tank issues. However, when you are looking for help with sewer or septic issues, there are two more modern forms of treatment that every homeowner should know about.

Sewer Camera Inspection

One of the biggest issues plumbers face when they jump in to tackle a sewage or septic issue is the fact that a lot of the lines and components of the system are located beneath the ground or out of reach. Most use common symptoms and indicators to assess the situation and make plans from there. However, without an internal look, it can be difficult to properly diagnose the issue up front. Sewer camera inspection involves using a waterproof, lighted camera to get an inside look at buried lines, disposal outlets, and even the septic tank. The camera is maneuvered through entry points, such as the toilet, top of the septic tank, or even through a drain, such as the water outlet behind your washer.

Vacuum Truck Services

If you spot a vacuum truck on the road, you will likely assume by its appearance that it is just another septic pumping vehicle as it does look much the same. However, a vacuum truck is much different. It boasts a powerful vacuum that is design to withdraw waste, water, and debris from sewer systems and lines. The hoses used in this process are quite large in diameter and the vacuum motor is powerful enough to pull blockages from lower-level lines that are hard to get to without disturbing the ground.

When you know a little about the modern offerings when it comes to sewer and septic systems, you will be better equipped to find the right companies to tend to the problems you have in your home. It is always a good idea to know something about it so you can ask the right questions, look for the best plumber, and get a problem resolved quickly if or when a problem does arise. Talk to a professional like Electric Eel Drain Specialists for more information.