Learn How To Make Backstops For Your Horseshoe Pits

Playing horseshoes is fun and exciting for both the young and the old because it requires little to no strength or skill. If you want to have the most fun playing horseshoes that you possibly can, you must build a pit to ensure that there is a backstop to keep the horseshoes from going far away from the post when you miss it. Creating a horseshoe pit will be much easier than you think. Use the following guide to create your own horseshoe pit quickly and easily.

Cut Your Wood

Take an eight-foot long 4x4 piece of wood and cut it into two-foot long portions. Take four pieces of ten-foot long 1x4 wood and cut them into three foot portions. You will have one foot of wood left over from each piece of wood when you are done, but finding nine-foot long pieces of wood can be quite difficult. Experts like Hanford Lumber Ltd can help you here.

Create a Frame

You will be creating three sides of a box. Measure your posts and make a mark that is six inches from the bottom of each  post. The bottom portion of each post will be buried into the ground, and six inches should be sufficient enough. Nail one end of a piece of the 1x4 wood perpendicular to the mark that you made on a post. Take the other end of the wood and nail it to another post at the same mark. On the other side of the second post, nail a separate piece of the 1x4 to the post perpendicular to the mark. The end of that piece of wood needs to be nailed to the third post in the same fashion. Add a third piece of wood to the other side of the third post and then nail the final post to the end of the third piece of 1x4 to finish off the frame. When you are done, you should have created a "C" shape.

Finish the Backstop

Take the rest of the pieces of 1x4 wood and nail them to the posts directly above the pieces that you used to create the frame. When you are done, you should have created a three-sided box that has six inches of post beneath it.

When you finish building the backstop, measure where the posts are located and dig four holes into the ground spaced exactly where the posts will be located. Be sure to dig at least six inches deep into the ground so that the posts will be secure. Place the posts into the holes and pack the dirt around them. Fill the pits with stand, add the horseshoe post, and start tossing the shoes.