3 Things You Need to Know About Performing Your Own Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors are wonderful things to have on your home. The key to ensuring that your garage doors stay wonderful is to keep a handle on the maintenance before garage door repair becomes necessary. Ideally, you should use these steps to inspect your garage door every few months for problems.

Keep the Moving Parts Moving

Your garage door is virtually useless if it does not go up and down when you want it to. Keeping the moving parts properly lubricated is essential. Use a lithium or silicone spray to lubricate the chain rail, hinges, metal rollers and the arm bar. Check the torsion springs and use some light oil to lubricate them. Inspect the chain to ensure that it is clean and free of rust. However, do not lubricate the chain itself as this could cause slippage.

The next step is to clean the garage door track. Wipe the inside of the track with a damp cloth and then dry. Do not use any lubricant on the track because it will cause debris to adhere instead.

Make Sure the Seals are Snug

Another key part of preventing garage door repairs is to maintain the seals. Every garage door should have weather stripping on the sides, top, and bottom of the door. Do a visual inspection and ensure that the seal is not torn or cracking. Watch each side as the door opens and closes to see if there is any pinching or buckling of the seals. If there are any of these issues then the seals should be replaced.

Do the last inspection at night with a partner. Close the door and have them stand on the inside while you are on the outside. While they shine a flashlight along the edges, watch and see if you can see any light leaking onto the other side. If you can, this is an indication that the weather-strips need to be replaced.

Put on the Final Touches

If the door is painted, check the paint on both the inside and outside and touch up as needed. Check the screws and bolts on the door to make sure they are tightened. Lubricate the door lock with graphite powder if the key sticks when turning.

The last primary check is making sure the garage door reverses when there is pressure or resistance. Use a sawhorse or 2x4 to test this. If the door fails to change direction, consulting a garage door repair specialist is recommended.

With these three maintenance steps, ensuring your garage door will last a long time can be painless. An hour or two every three months can mean the difference between smooth operation and calling a garage door repair technician. If you do run into some issues, or don't have all the supplies mentioned, talk to local experts such as Calgary Overhead Doors LTD.