Pondering Properties: Differentiating Between Modular And Manufacturing Homes

The ease of manufacturing and the appealing price points offered make prefabricated homes an optimal homebuying option. The luxury of choosing your own design elements are afforded with the purchase of either a modular or manufactured home. Both options are built inside a controlled factory environment that isn't affected by outside elements such as inclement weather. The constructed home sections are then delivered to your preferred site.

Determining whether you'll proceed with a purchase of a manufactured or modular home depends upon your needs and living habits. Assess the following questions to garner a better idea of which prefabricated home option better suits you.  

Do Multiple Levels Matter?

If a multi-level home is on your wish list, then a modular home will likely suit you best. Floorplans are available for customizing dual level options. Manufactured homes are single level dwellings but can accommodate just as much square footage. Instead of extending upward to a second level, manufactured homes expand laterally to offer additional space.

Modular homes can be placed on a basement foundation offering additional living areas; whereas, manufactured homes are built onto a permanent chassis, which is later anchored into the selected site.

Where Will Your Home Be Placed?

Landownership is not a requirement to own a manufactured home. It can be set on a piece of leased land and moved again whenever desired. In the future, if you decide to purchase your own piece of property, your home has the flexibility of being transported to the new site.

Modular homes require private landownership and can be placed with a subdivision, if desired.  

Are You a Real Estate Investor?

Don't shy away from the idea of a prefabricated home. Multi-family modular units are available for customization. Duplex floorplans, that house two separate families, can be constructed with upper levels in both units. This advancement affords property owners the opportunity to build customizable units in more urban or inner city areas opposed to the traditional rural setting known to manufactured homes.

What's Your End Game?

If you're seeking to gain equity in your property choice, then a modular home affords the opportunity to do so. The difference between the final product of a modular home and a traditional site built home is practically indiscernible, as this type of prefabricated home fits seamlessly into already established neighborhoods. Increases in valuable with additions such as basements, multi-levels and garages make the prospect of appreciation quite possible. Contact professionals, such as those from Roca Sales & Services Ltd, to see how they can help fulfill your needs.