Fresh Ideas To Update Your Deck

Your deck is the perfect space to enjoy the outdoors. You can host barbecues, lounge or just enjoy the crisp air. Yet maybe your deck has been feeling a little tired lately. Find new enjoyment with your deck by giving it a fresh update.

Creative Railing

The railing does more than serve as protection – it's a big element of your design. Changing out the railing can have a big impact on the overall look of the space. For example, the Landscaping Network suggests using tempered glass if wind is an issue but you still want to preserve the view. Consider one of the following creative ideas:

  • Lattice: Use metal or wood to create decorative lattice around the deck.
  • Mixed materials: Combine wood with metal posts or cable rail adds texture to the look.
  • Curved poles: Replace straight rods with curved ones for an antique spindle effect.

Even simple changes, such as a different metal finish or varying rail sizes, can make a good visual impact on your space.

Cozy Fire Pit

A fire pit makes your deck enjoyable into the cold months. When it comes to fire pits, you have several different choices, such as wood burning vs. gas and bowl vs. built-in. The bonfire style is classic, featuring a round pit made of traditional stone. The flattened lip allows you to sit on the edge or rest forks when toasting marshmallows. Add seating around the bonfire for an instant gathering place during cold weather.

A fire bowl is a good option if you don't want to commit to placement just yet. Some fire bowls are small enough to set on a table, though many stand alone. Some are sturdy enough, being made out of concrete, that they seem as permanent as a bonfire pit. However, you can pack them up and store them come summer.

Kitchen Makeover

If you have a barbecue grill, you have an outdoor kitchen. However, you outdoor kitchen may be a hodge podge of cooking surfaces and utensils thrown together for convenience. Make cooking outside as efficient – and enjoyable – as inside by making over the space. Add a proper work surface in the form of a built in counter or a moveable trolley. Include storage as well. For example, put up a set of shelves kitted out with decorative, weather-proof bins.

New Flooring

It could be time to consider new flooring, which can impact the look even more than the railing. Hardwood such as cedar is traditional, but it does require some maintenance. Composite is popular because of its durability, though some homeowners want a more natural look. Concrete is an excellent option because it's very durable yet contractors can stamp and stain the slabs to resemble stone, brick or even wood.

Have fun on your deck again by updating the railing, flooring or some other element to freshen up the space.