Cutting Concrete Pavers And Tiles: What You Should Know

Now that winter seems to be fading away to the past and spring and summer seem imminent, your thoughts begin to drift towards your landscaping and what you are going to do to update your yard and outdoor design this year. If you have had problems with mud and rain in the past, you are likely considering installing a stone path to navigate through your backyard and to add structure and class to your overall landscape design. However, when you begin looking at concrete pavers and tiles for your backyard path project, you quickly realize that you will have to cut your pavers and tiles to properly fit the design you have in mind. Get to know how to safely go about your concrete cutting endeavors safely and properly and get your path installed as soon as possible.

What Kind Of Cutting Tool Should You Use?

When you are cutting concrete pavers and/or tiles before installing them, you cannot use just any saw or cutting tool to get them cut with precision as well as with your safety in mind. With this in mind, your best bet will be to go to a hardware store that offers power tool rentals.

You will want to rent a wet-cutting masonry saw that also has a sliding table. Not only will this tool cut your concrete pavers accurately, but it will also make the process quick and easy for you. 

Why A Wet-Cutting Saw?

You likely wonder why you can't just use your dry-cutting circular saw to cut those concrete pavers. While technically your circular saw will cut through the concrete pavers, a dry saw will cause you other problems.

The dust that will fly through the air as you cut into the pavers will cloud the air making it difficult for you to see. Additionally you will want to wear a mask should you cut concrete with a dry saw as it is dangerous to breath in the particles in the dust. 

A wet-cutting saw will eliminate the dust from flying through the air. This means you will be able to see what you are doing better reducing your risk of making a mistake or from cutting yourself in the process. Plus, you will not have to worry about breathing in the dust particles. However, you should still wear protective goggles and proper work gloves while you work with a wet-cutting saw to remain as safe as possible. 

Cutting your concrete pavers can be a quick and easy task if you know what tools to use and how to handle them. So, keep this in mind as you begin your backyard path project. 

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