Key Terms Every Residential Waste Removal Customer Should Know

Whether you are new to the residential customer list or have been a longtime customer of waste removal services, it is helpful to understand key terms that may be used concerning your trash. From time to time, you may be given specific instructions about allowable waste or specialized handling procedures and it is always good to know just what is expected of you as a customer. Here are a few terms you should become familiar with to ensure you get the most from your trash pickup service.

Container or Receptacle - The container or receptacle is a reference to the trash bins you use to hold the waste. Some trash services will only pick up trash that is in an approved waste receptacle or one that is supplied by the company itself. It is not uncommon for the waste removal service to leave behind cardboard boxes that have been filled with trash or small bags that are not in the container.

Recyclable Waste - This could mean anything from aluminum and glass to newspaper and particle board. Many modern trash companies have new guidelines in place that will prevent them from picking up recyclable materials mingled in with regular trash. These requirements can vary from place to place, so it is a good idea to ask about what materials are allowed and which ones should be separated.

Hazardous Household Materials - Hazardous household materials is a term used to describe items that contain dangerous chemical compounds. Chemicals that come from the average household can be very toxic for the environment, and many are considered hazardous. This could include paint, cleaning products, fertilizers, and even pesticides. These items should always be kept out of the trash and disposed of according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Natural or Organic Waste - Natural and organic waste is that which is made from natural materials, such as tree trimmings or plant life. Some waste removal services will accept this trash, but only if it is in an approved container. However, there are also those that prohibit organic waste and will not pick it up from your property.

When you understand the terminology used in waste removal services, you are prepared when you haul your trash out to the curb every week for pickup. Make sure you talk to your waste removal service about any questions you may have about a specific term or phrase they have used in communication with you.