Benefits Of Building A Patio From Brick

Brick is a traditional material for walls and even whole homes. Brick can also be a beneficial material for your home's patio. Such a patio can serve as an extension of a home that already features brick in its façade, or it can be a complement to more contemporary styles. Select brick for your patio for a timeless appeal.

Color Integrity

Imagine: you go through all the trouble to choose a patio floor color that complements your home's exterior, and it fades within a few years. That's not the case with brick. In fact, one big benefit of installing brick for your patio's flooring is that the color maintains its integrity over time. Bricks also come in numerous color options, ranging from black to white and including shades such as red, tan, brown and gray.

Pattern Options

Brick flooring for your patio is also customizable. Masons can install the bricks in many different patterns, thus changing the look of your space. According to The Landscaping Network, several patterns are particularly attractive for a patio:

  • Running bond: When you envision bricklaying, you probably picture the classic running bond. Not only is this pattern durable and attractive, it's eco-friendly with minimal waste.
  • Basket weave: Bricklayers use pairs of bricks to create a checkerboard pattern, which actually creates an optical illusion of woven brickwork.
  • Flemish bond: Masons create a pattern out of headers and stretchers, meaning short and long bricks, giving the look of Old World traditionalism.

The pattern you choose for your brickwork sets a foundation for the overall effect of your patio.


While rectangular is what many people think of when they think brick, skilled masons can create numerous shapes. Rectangular and square are very traditional, and they are also the easiest to have installed. However, some very attractive patio design options include circular wagon wheels of brick. In this case, masons might opt for a herringbone pattern, laying the bricks at 45-degree angles in an eye-catching design that serves as the centerpiece of the space.


Go to Europe, and you see brickwork that's been around for centuries. While your patio may not need to pass quite the rigorous test of time as, say, a town hall, it's still a comfort to know that you won't need to replace the flooring any time soon. Brick is also relatively low maintenance – a brick floor just needs to be swept and occasionally hosed down.

If you're planning a patio, consider using brick as the flooring foundation. Brick is durable and attractive. Brickwork also lends instant elegance to your space. For more information, contact a company like E D Masonry Ltd.