Benefits Of Winter Remodeling

Winter is here and like bears in hibernation, many homeowners have shelved their home remodeling projects. However, winter remodeling projects can have many advantages over spring and summer remodeling. Here are just a few ways that winter remodeling can benefit homeowners.

General Contractors are Easier to Schedule in Winter

Since many homeowners don't even think to remodel their homes in winter, many general contractors find winter to be a slower time of year. Scheduling general contractors at this time—for consultations and for remodeling work—is much easier. For homeowners who happen to have a busy schedule, this is a huge benefit. 

Contractors a Less Likely to have Multiple Projects Going at Once

Good contractors are in high demand for much of the year, and may take on multiple projects at one time. When the work slows down in winter, even good contractors may have only one project going on at one time, which means that each project receives that contractor's full and undivided attention. This speeds the remodeling process and saves the homeowner money, and may result in better quality work. 

Prices in Winter are Lower

Contracting work, construction work and building work all slows down dramatically when temperatures outside drop. This means that many contractors lower their prices in winter simply to get more work, and labor in winter can be cheaper as well. Even supplies can be cheaper in the slow season. Homeowners remodeling on a budget are likely to get the best deals and the lowest prices occur in winter. 

Remodeling can Occur over Winter Vacations

Many homeowners leave for weeks or months out of the year during the winter, to escape to warmer climates. This is the perfect time to schedule a home remodeling project. With the house to themselves, contractors can work at their most convenient hours, leave their tools out without creating an inconvenience for the homeowner, and set a pace that makes the most sense for the work to be done. This can speed up the remodeling process, and cost the homeowner less money. Many homeowners also enjoy coming home to find their home newly remodeled. 

Spring and summer are the most popular times of year for home remodeling projects, but that's not necessarily the best time of year for home remodeling. Homeowners hoping to save money, see their home improvement projects done in the fastest possible pace and hoping to get the best quality work from their general contractor should consider a winter remodel.